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Become a DreamBuilder

DreamBuilding is the most direct way to learn how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

The 10 Steps are the fundamental teachings from DreamBuilder™ Program, so you can start building your dream in quick and actionable ways. This program is the key to unlocking your innate potential to create a life you love living.

Super Charge UR Money

Would you love increased wealth and abundance in your life, but are unsure of where to start?

8 Spiritual Secrets for Multiplying Money will show you how to identify your abundance blocks and increase the flow of what you would love in your life. This powerful training will help you to change your relationship with money and make abundance welcome!

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Super Charge UR Gratitude

This five-day program will help you cultivate a Gratitude practice as a daily part of your life. This practice will open you up to experience the abundance that is everywhere present. You will learn how to be grateful even in conditions that are less than desirable. You will discover a strategy that will help you overcome resistance and welcome Gratitude in challenging situations. You will realize your worthiness and embrace the life you deserve to live.

Super Charge UR Forgiveness

In this five-day program, you will discover the power that Forgiveness holds, and how it can remove blocks that keep you from welcoming true joy and happiness into your life. You will learn valuable tools for forgiving others and ourselves that will allow you the freedom to live a life you love living. The Power of Forgiveness will liberate you to choose love instead of hurt and anger, which will then open you up to transformation.

Super Charge UR Purpose

The Power of Purpose is a five-day journey, where you will move through a series of four meditations that will guide you and assist you in creating a vision for your dream life. You will write out your vision, which will make it easier to bring your dream life into physical form. You CAN live the life you’d love to live with purpose and you can start doing it today!

Super Charge UR Self-Confidence

You will focus on empowering your self-image and changing perceptions that may have been negatively affecting your Self-Confidence. You will connect with the Infinite and expand your awareness to restore trust in yourself and experience the life you would love! You will learn how to face fears that may have been holding you back and explore your inner guidance system to help make confident decisions that are in harmony with your highest good!

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